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The main idea of the real porn game “About It” is to find relationships with the generated NPC’s and have fun in the open world sandbox. Particular attention is paid to non-linearity of the passage and to reducing the number of repetitive events. The core of the game consists of the virtual world , which allows you to move up the social ladder in any direction. There are also many mechanics developed that allow you to establish relationships, develop them and have fun. Innovations are constantly being added to the game, and players can take part in its development and realize their ideas…

+ Features
-Upgradeable sandbox
-The player chooses what to do
-Generated characters for interaction
-Change the main character to your liking
-The opportunity to participate in the development of the game
+ Changelog
About It v0.93.7 Public

– Made a rebalancing of MC’s tips when she was working as a waitress downward. Because with high experience the tips were unreasonably high and beyond common sense.
– Reduced the likelihood of MC getting STDs by removing re-initiation and tying their initialization to specific events.
– Fixed bug with infinite use of bath or shower after sex when MC is visiting NPC.
– When using toys with female NPCs, after getting an orgasm, made a return back to the location of sex with the use of toys. Previously, the transition was in the general starting location, which broke the dynamics of the event.
– Female NPCs, now, during sex, unquestioningly comply with the MC’s request to stop if the MC can no longer experience an orgasm. Previously, they did this on their own, which could lead to a looping event.
– Completely redid the variants of events during sex with a group of male NPCs during double penetration, fixing the location loops and detected bugs.
– Replaced simulations and simulated events from the game mechanics of sex with male NPCs, which were calculated using randomness. Events are now calculated based on the parameters of the specific NPCs the MC interacts with.
– Added new actions for the MC, allowing her to affect the ending in sex by male NPCs, at certain sexual experiences. Also, at your request, added the ability for the MC to make an NPC cum inside her to be able to get pregnant. All new actions of possible endings only appear during sex if the MC has a certain sexual experience. You can get information about it in the character’s stats.
– We have added events during passenger accommodation and flight to the game mechanics of the flight attendant’s work. The outcome of the events affects the reputation of the MC in the airline. Recall that the work of the MC as a stewardess is still available as a test.

– Various minor improvements and edits.
Replace the game files.

About It v0.92.7

– Continued to work on finding and fixing bugs
– Continued to work on improving the translation of locations.
– Made a display of the remaining days of rent in the corridor of the apartment.
– Made it possible to extend the lease without waiting for the owners of the apartment by transferring money to them from the bank card MC.
– When the MC moves out of the rented apartment, she will no longer get naked on the street.
– Made the experience in the office depend on the number of days the MC has worked continuously in one place.
– Added the ability to use the last save of the game or auto-save on the screen of death of the character, in case of death of MC.
– Reworked the start and end of sex with female and male roommates, as well as with roommates in the dorm.
– Fixed the bug with the massage therapist diploma.
– Made automatic putting on and taking off outerwear in the dorm.
– Fixed the bug with the course work, when it could be done endlessly.
– MC no longer appears as a homeless person in the location areas of the city, if she resides in the dorm.
– The party in the dorm is now available after 12 o’clock at night.
– MC weight is no longer tied to calories. Calories now only affect MC weight gain or weight loss.
– Made mechanics that are more similar to the human stomach and proportional to the hunger scale.
– For the new mechanics made accurate weight calculation with the display of its balance in grams.
– Now the satiety scale also serves as a function of displaying the constant change in MC weight in real time and serves as a good guide for adjusting it in the desired direction.
– Reworked the MC’s communication with the boss in the office when he calls her for an unpleasant conversation.
– Reduced the unnecessarily large number of female NPC clients on the avenue when the MC is working as a street prostitute.
– Made a mechanic that takes into account what part of the active time of day the MC is hungry, which additionally affects her weight.
– Now with a high seamstress skill (>=7) MC gets a dorm room with no problem.
– Added “Change your mind” action when choosing a makeup option in front of the mirror.
1 Made the NPC menu icon on a date lock if the attitude level falls below the allowable limit.
2 Made in-game mechanics that add stains or dirt (depending on condition) to clothes that are stained with semen, or remove stains and partial dirt when the MC cleans his clothes of semen.
3 Made it automatic to take vitamins, fat burners, and thrush pills.
– Discouraged annoying neighbors in the high-rise where the MC lives by limiting their visits to certain time intervals.
– Re-did the game mechanics of casting in the office of the film studio ART, located in the western district of the city.
– Added an opportunity for the MC to sign a contract with a modeling agency, which is also placed in the building of the film studio.
– Made it possible to earn extra money for the MC as an extra. She can now, when visiting the office of the film studio, not only participate in the casting for the role of an actress, but also to take part in the shooting of the crowd scenes for the movie or be an extra for the TV show.
1. Made calls from the film studio with an offer to participate in the extras, if the MC is active in this direction.
2. Made the location of the modeling agency located in the office building of the film studio.
3. Made it possible for the MC to find out if there is a job for her when she hurries to the agency.
4. Made it possible for the MC to draw attention to herself while waiting for a good moment in the lobby of the agency.
– Made a call from a modeling agency to let them know the MC was selected to be in one of the movie’s scenes.
– Added a producer to the game, who will handle the development of MC’s career as an actress.
5. Made new in-game mechanics for the meeting with the producer, where the approval of the MC for a role in the film takes place.
6. Made it possible to change the producer’s name at will.
7. Made the effect of sleepiness on the mood and mental state of the MC.
8. Made mechanics that calculate the intervals between the MC’s sleep periods and reworked the game’s sleep mechanics.
9. Made a call from the producer, where he offers to take part in the filming of various plots for the MC.
10. Make in-game mechanics of the MC’s participation in the filming of movie scenes and the accrual of royalties.
6. Made it possible for the MC to go to bed scenes or scenes where you have to shoot undressed, as a stand-in for the main actress. With enough relevant experience, the MC will also be hired to understudy lead actresses in racy moments.
– Edited and expanded renditions of work and sex in the office in About It.
– Reworked game mechanics for car repairs and maintenance in About It.
– Made a reaction for female and male NPCs to obvious signs of STDs in the MC when starting sex with her.
– Made a reaction for male NPCs during sex to an MC’s period, changing their preferences. In most cases, they will avoid vaginal sex.
– Made an additional effect on the MC’s attractiveness to external signs of STDs.
– Made it possible to turn off STDs in the game. At the start of the game (by default) they are always on.
– Made displaying progress in the film studio as a reputation, which also displays the popularity of MC, expressed as a numeric value.
– Casting actresses now ceases to be a constant rejection for the MC. Acquired acquaintances and experience, begin to bring their results, with a certain popularity of the MC no longer need to stand in line to get to the casting.

Release date: 3 June, 2024
Genre: Real porn, Female protagonist, Animated, Sex simulator, Dating sim, Sandbox, Anal sex, Oral sex, Group sex, Lesbian, Vaginal sex, Prostitution, BDSM, Incest, Male domination, Text based
Censorship: NO
Developer: about_it
Platform: Windows
Version: 0.97.1
Language: English, Russian
Size: 3.95 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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