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Life at University [version 0.52]

You are a pretty 18 year old girl who have just started at Trulago city university. This is now your new home for the next schoolyear. It is an expensive school that your parents pay for. In this game you have to make many choices to get through the schoolyear in a ‘decent’ way. Can you make it through the whole schoolyear without beeing sendt home?

+ Changelog
Finally managed to make a update system that preserve saved games from previous versions
Hours under icons (Thank you LadyFilesse)
More flexible on time when arriving at work. (Thank you LadyFilesse)
Ask for job and get no if already have one (Thank you LadyFilesse)
Rewrite some TV stuff in the livingroom (Thank you LadyFilesse)

Bugs fixed
Picture missing after one night stand (Thank you PirateLoko)
Error in principal code when asking to skip tests (Thank you PirateLoko)
Error in code when applying for job at the hotel (Thank you PirateLoko)
Error in code when undressing at the hotel (Thank you PirateLoko)
Error when repaying you loan to Corus Finance. The loansum is wrong (Thank you PirateLoko)
Sunglasses stolen error in code. (thank you TheLoneWildWolf)
Error at toilets when taking cocain
Blackjack game fixed. Calculation error (Thank you Galnakan)
Option to wait for the nightclub to open if too early
Some resize of pictures

Discord site for the game established (Thanks for the tip Nutluck)
Church implemented
Casino at the nightclub is rewritten
Female gym teacher Eva introduced
More professor Branson and neighbour Alex stuff
Rewrite apartment shower. Fewer clicks and faster. (thank you Nutluck)
Rewrite shower at nude beach. Fewer clicks and faster. (thank you Nutluck)
More nude beach media.
Gone through alot of the MP4’s and reduced size. Game reduced by 25%
More stats in the personal information window
Extended possibilities on public toilets

Time fix when using perfume/body lotion (thank you nutluck)
Fix om misc. image sizes and text padding

Hotel implemented
New character Hotel director Rahyndee
New job possible at hotel
Walkthrough (spoiler) updated on game site
You can get fired from jobs via mail
Profile page (Thanks to Bluerubber)

Minor corrections:
Corrected language. (Thank you Sweet Little Sister and Crood)
Rewrite livingroom tv watching (Thank you Nutluck)
A minimum of looks is important before you can go to job
Corrected 2 bugs at the gasstation
Fixed “no showup” bug at the cafe and gasstation
Makeup warning low when having quick shower
Fixed some swimming stats at the beach (Thanks Sweet Little Sister)
Waterfountain is optional (Thanks Sweet Little Sister)
Helping people increase moral/reputation (Thanks Sweet Little Sister)
Can not go to work or university if you are too intoxicated (Thanks Crood)
Finally fixed the margins in the story

You can now take a taxi to get faster to your destination (thanks for input Nutluck)
You can now quit jobs
Started implementing chemical class and lab at the university
New character introduced – chemical professor Branson
You can now shower after gym
You can work on as a volunteer to improve reputation and moral
Some more street sceenes with positive events (Thank you Pixelfrenzy)
Warnings when importants things/stats run low (Thank you Pixelfrenzy)
Freshup option on toilet
Shop have now food in bigger quantity (Thank you Pixelfrenzy)

Minor changes in Life at University
Hygiene is not going down so fast. Adjusted. (Thank you Nutluck)
Studentsex when addicted not so frequent (Thank you DramaCoach69 and Pixelfrenzy)
Looks not important to go to university
A minimum of looks is important before going to work or ask for jobs
Good looking can give higher tips
Corrected bug in Corvus Finance (Thank you Konowal)
Reduce weight is adjusted (Thank you Pixelfrenzy)
Error fixed in the shop when paying debts (Thank you Ana)
Time management restructured (but not perfect yet). Thank you Pixelfrenzy

v0.21 (Bugfix version)
Spelling mistakes fixed. (Thank you Elune and Sasuren)
Shaving can be done every 5th day now. (Thank you Elune and Nutluck)
Sleeping don’t affect hygiene so much anymore. (Thank you Elune)
Lower looks importance when going to university
Butt enlargement error when reached maximum fixed (Thank you TotallySane and Dementis)
Fixed the shower time calculation (Thank you Aigi and Bluerubber)
Implemented quick shower and makeup option (Thank you Aigi and Bluerubber)
Backbutton is back in Life at University
Bug in university. Image missing. (Thank you Dementis)
Bugs at the gas station. Several dialogs. (Thank you very much Dementis)
Implemented way to get out of blackmail in Life at University

Release date: 22 February, 2021
Genre: HTML, Real porn, Simulator, All sex, Masturbation, Oral sex, Anal, Gangbang, Creampie, BDSM, Lesbians, Domination, Humilation, Prostitution
Censorship: NO
Developer: Bluey
Platform: Any platform
Version: 0.52
Language: English
Size: 778 MB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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