Last Man [version 3.22]

Porn comedy adventure where you play the role of the main character: the only survivor after a crash that killed the entire male population. You are the last man! Thousands of single women will fight for you, and it will be very funny. You have complete freedom of action and an endless choice among individuals of the weaker sex, but be careful and cautious. At you can discover the hunt…
All your decisions and actions during the game will affect future events!

+ Game Features
A huge number of quests and storylines
Three large cities to explore
Dozens of lonely girls to interact with
Gradual development of the hero
Multiplayer events
Regular updates with new content
+ Changelog
Due to many changes in the game’s mechanism, the last build turned out a bit buggy. Thanks to everyone who actively reported bugs, so most of them have already been hot-fixed through the server or in today’s update. And as a thank, 20 Club subscriptions were randomly drawn among those who reported bugs in any of my games this month. Check your accounts 🙂

Some gameplay changes have also been made. So, for example, events with Diana will appear a little less often, to coincide with the events of quests from CARMA. The events with the abduction and ransom of Dasha are shifted and will started a little later, and the storyline with Julia will begin a little earlier. This will allow less travel between cities, and save some of the energy to our hero.

Made some changes to the quests from Marina from the Dorm and quests with the Hero’s Base upgrade. The percentage calculation of the game completion has been clarified. You can always check it in the character’s window.

More optional game endings were added which depending on your actions.

The Quests List 100% Walkthrough received some corrections and updated data.

Added more optional ending for the game
Bug fixes in Marina quests
Events with Dasha do not interfere with the storyline
Fixed freezing in the scene with Tara
Fixed incorrect textures in the scene with Natasha
Events with Diana appear a little less often
Corrections in the Quests List
Corrections in 100% Walkthrough
Updated percentage calculation of the game completion
Some locations are combined
Some locations on the map are shifted

In this update, the storyline of Lilu has been improved. The game will be better choose game events, alternating with Lilu and other girls, depending on your actions in the quests. Some corrections also received the quest “Alina’s Secret”.

The seasonal event was extended for one week. It will automatically end on May 22nd. Everyone who has ever won against Karen during this time will receive an additional payment from the administration at the Casino. And also, they will be able to meet this girl in the bonus scene.

More sex-scenes got animation. While this functionality is working in test mode. Let me remind you that you can also skip sex-scenes if you have seen them before.

The translations of the game in some languages have been updated. Thanks to everyone who helps me in this.

Minor bugs fixed.

Updated Lilu storyline
Corrections in the quest Secret of Alina
Updated translations
Changed the file structure of the game
More sex-scenes got animation
Minor bugs fixed

access became available to everyone.

In this build, the game received another portion of the endings, which will vary depending on your actions during the game.

Last Friday, the third phase of the seasonal event began at the PromZone location, – in the Casino. There you can play with a bonus girl for increased winnings. And at the end of the seasonal event, between all winners will be rolled 100 million, which were collected by the players in the first phase.

I continue to make changes to the game engine to add support for custom mods. This feature will apply to all my games and will allow users to create their own translations, quests, events, or even entire locations. Of course, now this is all in the early testing stage, and all the functionality will be revealed during the next builds. I will publish detailed instructions later in my Author’s column.

Some corrections was made to the Quests List. Bugs fixed and some tips updated.

Added new game endings
Updated game mod system
Continuation of the seasonal event
Quests List updates
Updated public version of the game
Bug fix

In this build you will find the end of the quest with Sophie. After it completion, the hero will no longer have the opportunity to spend the night with this girl.

The system of relations with Dasha was changed. Those who played carefully noticed that if you send gifts to her, then her attitude towards you improves. And the better she treats you, the greater the chance that you will have another date with her. But after sex, and also just over time, her interest in our hero gradually subsides.

Now the game will have a certain minimum level of her interest, below which it will not fall (after all our hero is the last man in her life). So, she will date with you even if you do not show any attention to her. On the other hand, she became more independent and even if you sent her many gifts, she may not immediately respond to them. The system of decreasing interest over time has changed too.

Let me also remind you that now at the location of the PromZone, in the Casino, a seasonal event is taking place. Players have fulfilled the conditions of the first phase, and now everyone can get acquainted with Casino’s Playmate. The third phase will begin this Friday and will last during two weeks. The event is available to everyone, regardless of whether you participated in past phases or not.

The Quests List and 100% Walkthrough have been updated. Do not forget to check the Quests List (hot-key Q), there you can always find tips and find out what quests you have not yet completed.

End of Sophie quest
Changed the system of relations with Dasha
Continuation of the seasonal event in the PromZone
Updated Quests List
Updated 100% Walkthrough
Game engine update

Changes have been made to the game engine to add support of mods. This feature will apply to all my games and will allow users to create their own translations, quests, events, or even entire locations. Of course, now this is all in the early testing stage, and all the functionality will be revealed during the next builds. I will publish detailed instructions later in my Author’s column.

Let me remind you that last week the seasonal multiplayer event in the PromZome has began. The Casino has almost gained the required amount of game money, there are less than two thousand places left, after which the second stage will begin. It will last exactly one week.

Also, in this build, the storyline of Julia, who is mercenar from the New Post, was updated. Some quests have been linked to other events in the game. This changes will affected to the dialogue with her and some events.

The translations of the game have also been updated.

If you experience a crash when entering the city map, press the language selection button at the beginning of the game (upper left corner in the launcher) and select your language again. If this does not help, contact me for help through a bug tracker.

Continuation of the seasonal casino event
Updates of the Julia storyline
User mods support
Translations updates

We have a lot of technical updates in this build. If after installing it you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to ask for help through the bugtracker.

The game copes much better with the oldest versions of gamesaves now, and even if you have not played for several years, all your progress will be correctly recounted.

This week, the number players has exceeded 400 thousand. In this regard, the achievement “One of the First” in the game has been updated, and you will get even more additional safe days. And the older your account, the more safe days you’ll get
Other achievements received some updates too.

In the PromZone location, a seasonal multiplayer event in the Casino has begun. The last time it took place six months ago, in the fall. On it you can win game money and get achievements. It is available to all players, regardless of subscription, as well as those who have already passed it before. The event also received some updates.

The game translation system has been improved. Fixed minor bugs with the display of texts and game alerts with tips.

Seasonal casino event started
Achievements updated
Improved support for old gamesaves
Server side update
Improved work with translations
Minor bugs fixed

In this update, you will find a small continuation of Sophie’s quest line. The head of the New Post fulfilled the promise, and sent you more information about this girl. Further, our hero will have to decide whether to believe what he learned or not.

Also updated the 7th day of the game. Some places and events have been replaced. Texts corrected.

The Quests List has been updated – more tips have been added. Do not forget to use it to know which quests you have not finished. You can open it with the hot-key Q, or from the character’s window.

Updated translations into some languages. Many thanks to those guys and girls who help me with translation. You are the best.

More sex scenes got the opportunity to rewind. Minor bugs fixed.

Today is also the last day of the giveaway and in the evening I will publish the list of winners.

Continuation of the Sophie quest
7th day update
More sex scenes got the opportunity to rewind
Updated game translations
Updated Quest List
Game optimization

Today we have an updated the club and public versions of the game. Some locations and features from early access became available to everyone.

A month ago, I already gave 10 free subscriptions. And today I’m launching another giveaway in my Author’s Column.

Also in this update you will find a continuation of the Sophie’s storyline. Once we began to build with Sophie a minimum level of trust as Natasha joined to the cause. She seems to know moreabout this girl than our hero.

Updated flashback with Katya, the girlfriend of our hero, where we do her a massage. Its mechanics have been simplified, and the code has been updated to match the latest changes in the UI.

Updated events with Trinity, locations in the Bank and random events when exploring the city. They also received new code, events, and extended dialogs. Some now unused events, which were in the first builds were removed from the game.

Replaced some textures in the first chapters.

Sophie’s storyline continues
Updated Trinity event before departure
Updated flashback with massage for Katya
Updated Bank location code
Updated random locations in city exploration
Replaced some textures in the first chapters
Removed some unused events

In this build has updated another part of outdated locations. They received updated code, new events and extended dialogs. The following events received their changes:

Visiting Vera, where she plays strip table tennis with her friend Anya
Acquaintance with Lina, where you together decide to open the Pink Rhino Club
Visiting the old apartment and a flashback about meeting Kate
Meeting with Natasha, where she gives us a first mission to Leesburg
All the starting locations in Leesburg that the hero finds while exploring the city

Also, more sex scenes got the opportunity to rewind and support of animations.

Let me remind you that until the end of this week there is a quarantine discount. Details can be found in the last news.

In this build, you will find the continuation of the quest “Maniac in the city”, telling the story of Sophie. You can spend the night with her and even get extra energy.

In addition, the remaining scenes in captivity at CARMA and an overnight stay at home with Nastya’s cousins were updated. These scenes got new code, more actions and updated dialogs. Some scenes were combined into one big event.

The Quests List and 100% Walkthrough of the game updated with new tips. More sex scenes got the opportunity to rewind. Fixed some save checkpoints.

Continuation of story quests Sophie
Updated CARMA’s captive scenes
Updated sex scene with Nastya’s cousins
More sex scenes got the opportunity to rewind
Fixes of some check points
Quests List and 100% Walkthrough Updated

Today we have an update for the club and public versions of the game. Some locations and features from early access became available to everyone.

Yesterday, a major update for the website engine and server of all my games was installed. It is designed to increase stability under high loads, increase the limit of the number of online players and prepare games for the launch of new features. If you notice any problems with your account: club access, Patreon linking, or malfunctioning of games, write to me about it at

There are also many updates for Last Man today.

A pack of new quests has been added that starts if you do not have enough hero parameters. We discussed this feature in my author’s column. For example, if you came to the Olya’s country house, but your hero does not have enough charisma to seduce Olya and her friend for threesome, the game will launch a new quest, and you can continue this scene later when you complete it.

More than a dozen scenes received new code, new actions and updated dialogs. There were missions with CARMA and Julia, quests for the Pink Rhino, meetings with different girls.

The Quests List and 100% Walkthrough got a new data.

Some rare game freezes, problems with the city map in the first days, energy costs in Ruby’s quests were fixed. Check points in CARMA’s captivity should work with any gamesave settings.

Added a new language selection menu and updated translations into Spanish and Italian.

Added more minor quests
Updated scene with Vera and Anya on the beach
Updated DJ Trinity dating scene and several meetings
Updated overnight with Yulia at the motel
Updated scene with three girls at the sawmill
Updated days in captivity at CARMA before traveling to camp
Fixed rare game freezes
100% Walkthrough update
Fixed problems with the map in the first days of the game
Fixed energy costs in Ruby events
New language selection menu
Fixed save points at CARMA
Updated translations into Spanish and Italian
Minor bug fixes in some scenes

The system of unlocked days has been redone in a separate story event, which goes through the whole game and gives one of the game’s finals. By completing quests and passing events, you gradually increase the number of safe days. This storyline received its own separate quest, where you can track current events.

Also, another two events, that you could already meet in the game, received their individual quests. The first quest is the “Treasure Map”, which begins when you received email. You need to collect all the pieces of the map and go to the indicated guide marks. The second quest is “Kidnapping of Dasha”, which begins after someone has got into her house, and you will need to save her.

You can track all of these quests in the Quest List (hot key Q), with detailed hints.

Some events in the game have also been updated. The last meeting with Oksana – from three scenes was combined into one big event. The scenes with Julia during the first mission, with shootings, overnight stays and trips, were also combined into larger events. They got a new code, and some new events, and dialogs. Some minor events with Alina were updated.

Display of your hero’s name was fixed in some SMS. Minor bugs fixed.

Added events that lead from one of the endings of the game
3 new quests for tracking added
Updated last event with Oksana
Updated events in the first mission with Julia
Updated small events with Alina
Minor bugs fixed

This build has received many updates in key storylines. This affected: the Scientific Center, some nights at Masha’s home, Sawmill, the Hero’s Base. These events received updated code, new actions, and alternative passing options. Similar updates were in some minor quests, – with a treasure map and Nastya’s cousins.

There are a couple of important changes with the sex scenes and the parameters of the hero that we tested with several people from early access. From this morning they are activated for all accounts, and on Friday I will write a separate post in the Author’s column to collect your feedback.

A large portion of the new data has been added to the generated 100% Walkthrough of the game. It creates hints on the fly, depending on your actions. At the time of testing, it can be started by pressing N or by pulling the club icon down if you are playing from mobile devices. If you need similar quest tips, but without spoilers, do not forget to use the Quest List, it is also constantly updated with new details.

The tips about game mechanics were updated, they are shown while loading the save game. Fixed energy costs in some locations. Optimized the use of RAM, mainly, it will help those who play on a slower phones.

Science Center scenes rewritten
Overnight stay at Masha updated
Updated Sawmill
New chunk of data for 100% Walkthrough
Improvements in the quest with a treasure map
Updated notes during game loading
Fixed energy costs in some locations
Game optimization

In this build several large locations has updated. This includes one of the final meetings with Oksana – a date at her house. Several scenes with Vera that were dedicated to the bowling game – they were combined into one big scene. And also, a meeting with Alexa on the way to the PromZone, after which she helps us get into the poker tournament.

In addition to the updated code, these scenes also received some new actions and updated dialogs to better reveal the motives of the characters.

A large portion of the new data received a 100% Walkthrough of the game. I remind you that it will be generated specifically for your actions and will offer all possible options for the development of the plot. You can call it by pressing N, or by pulling the club icon down if you are playing on mobile devices.

More hints have also been added to the game interface. They will appear if you miss some important elements of the game.

Updated the translation system and optimizing the game.

Updated sex meeting with Oksana
Updated date with Vera in bowling
Updated scene with Alex in the car
Updated data for 100% Walkthrough
Translation system update
More hints in the game interface
Game optimization

Today we have updated club and public versions of the game. Some locations from the early access became available to everyone.

There are also something new. The ending of the Dasha’s quest received an alternative version of events. With kidnapings, ransoms and shooting. In general, a more dramatic sequence of events. You will receive a new continuation even if you have already completed the quest with her earlier. And the new ending of the Dasha’s storyline will depend on your actions.

Also you will find updated 8-11 days of the game. Dialogues with Nika and Lilu have been changed, new textures added.

Updated story quest about ecstasy for a nightclub. Masha’s overnight stays, trips to the Laboratory and to the Pink Rhino were redone. Some events were combined into one larger one.

Updated scene with deserters girls from the New Post in the second city. They got new actions and dialogs.

Quest List is also have updated. Added more tips in some tasks. If you will still encounter moments in the game when you don’t know what to do and the Quests List doesn’t help you, then feel free to write about it through the bugtracker.

The generated 100% Walkthrough of the game is also received a new part of data. Let me remind you that you can call it by pressing N, or by pulling the Club icon down, if you are playing on mobile devices. If its screen is blank, then the game so far can not tell you anything, and you can use the previous version of the walkthrough.

Fixed the problem with the output of invalid lines in some scenes. Updated UI code while protecting your Base from other players.

Alternative ending of Dasha’s quest
Updated Masha’s overnight scenes
Updated scene with deserter girls
Updated quests in the Pink Rhino club
Updated 8-11 days of the game
Updated generated 100% walkthrough
Quest List Update
Updated UI code of Base protecting
Fixed problems with displaying invalid lines in some scenes
Game optimization

In this build, an abandoned train station in the second city received some attention. In one of the trips there a new meeting awaits you. A new event can starts in the second half of the game, and does not require any preliminary quests. The adventure begins with the fact that your hero notices someone is watching him.

A new system of generated 100% Walkthrough of the game has been added. It will be created specifically for you, given the current status of quests and show what you can do next, without having to scroll through the text of the entire game. The passage window will open on top of the game, but it will be transparent so that you can continue the game while reading. At the moment, it is filled with data for the first chapters of the game. To call 100% Walkthrough, you can drag the Club icon in the game with your finger (or mouse) down, or by pressing hot-key N.

Some changes to the UI of the game was made, which updated it with some usage tips.

Optimization of some locations was made. Minor bugs fixed.

New event during the trip to the station in North-city
New generated 100% Walkthrough system
Minor UI game changes
Optimization of some locations
Fix minor bugs

Today we have an update of the club and public versions of the game. Some locations and features from early access became available to everyone.

An alternative route has been added for completing the first mission with Julia, when the New Post sends you to eliminate the threat from CARMA. Depending on the parameters of your hero, the girl will react differently to you, and other options for dialogs and events will open in several scenes of your trip with her.

Also, more several old scenes with Vera were updated, which completed the events of the 7th chapter of the game. They were updated with new actions and dialogs, in order to more reveal both the character of Vera and her knowledge about CARMA.

In this build, there are a lot of changes were done in the UI of the game. Some icons were updated, the work with texts was improved, minor bugs were fixed. The Dutch translation received a separate branch with the Belgian version of the language. Other translations also received updates – Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Chinese and Simplified Chinese. These languages (except for Chinese and Korean) got the opportunity to rename the hero, which was added in the last build.

Added new functionality to the interface. If you notice a typo or an error in the translation, you can send your edits for moderation directly from the game in a couple of clicks. This feature will be added to all my games, but so far it is in early testing, and will be gradually activated in waves on the players’ accounts.

An alternative way in the first mission with Julia
Updated events with Vera in Chapter 7
Game UI elements updated
More translations received possible changes to the name of the hero
Updated translations into Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Chinese and Simplified Chinese
Belgian translation added

In this build, the storyline with Ruby, a girl from auto service, received an alternative way. Earlier in this event there were already several options for the development of events, for example, if you immediately respond to her request, or postpone it for later. Now there is an option when you deliberately ignore her request, and later you’ll find out what this lead to.

Another change that you’ve asked for a long time. Now it is possible to specify the name of your character by yourself and in the game everyone will contact you by your name. So you can more deeply roleplay your hero. In this regard, the game will show you the character’s window, where you can set a name and, if you want, redistribute the hero’s abilities points once again. Full support for this function so far is only in English and partially it also works in several other translations. In the next few builds, this will apply to all translations.

Two past scenes also received updates. It is one of the flashbacks with Kate and about work of our hero and, also, the final scene in the CARMA camp. These events received new code and updated dialogs.

A critical bug was fixed that prevented getting to the map after one of the overnights. Fixed a rare problem when there is not enough energy to leave the city on the 21st day. Also, minor corrections were made to some other flashbacks in the game.

In my author’s column you will find a big post about the upcoming updates of the Hero’s Base. If you have your own ideas, it’s time to leave them in the comments.

Alternative walkthrough for quests with Ruby
Added the ability to change the name of the hero
Updated flashback with Kate
Final scene at CARMA camp updated
Fixed a bug with access to the map after one of the nights
Minor fixes in flashbacks

In the new build has added several small scenes that can appear when you will spending the night in a Dorm. They can be both in the evening and in the morning. This will help diversify your game if you are stayed little bit longer with quests in the third city.

Also, some old scenes received the update. Event, where our hero meets Masha first on the road, and then Oksana, and both girls invite him the next day. Some players missed this point, and did not fulfill the promises given to the girls, or one of them, because of which they lost access to some other events with these girls. Now these girls will not be so categorical, and if you have already earned a good reputation with them before, they will be able to forgive you this fail (but it’s better not to deceive the girls ).

Also, updates received a scene with Vera, after she took our hero to a hidden entrance to a secret cave, and a flashback with Kate, about the past of our hero. These events received changes in actions and additional dialogs.

All these three events received a new, more stable code, and the sex scenes in them got the opportunity to rewind.

New events in the Dorm after an overnight stay
Updated scene with Masha and Oksana by the lake
Updated scene with Vera after exploring the cave
Updated flashback with Katya about the hero of the game
More sex scenes got the opportunity to rewind
Game optimization

So we come to the third version of the game. Recently, a lot of work has done for improving the gameplay. So, the selection of locations has ceased to be random, and events are pregenerated depending on your actions. The system of skills has changed. Random books and hidden alpha points have been deleted, and now you create your hero yourself. And, depending on your parameters, girls can react differently, and quests can be taken in a different way.

To make it easier for you to pass the game by different heroes, the “New Game +” system was created. It tracks your progress in the game and for completing quests, events and achievements, activates bonuses on your account. It can be either additional unlocked days and game money, or new mechanics, for example, a chance to get more energy when using canned food.

Of course, a lot of work has done with girls. Many of them received the end of their storylines, and with some the hero had just begun acquaintance. Dozens of old scenes were updated, girls received new actions and dialogs. And so that you do not get confused in the set of storylines, a detailed Quest List has been added, which describes your every step, and tips are given where to move on.

This, of course, is only part of the big work that has been done from version 2.0 to the current one. Do not forget that you can also participate in the development of the game: offer your ideas, write about the problems and bugs found.

In this version, of course, there were some new features as well. Ruby got a continuation of her storyline. After you find her tools, and take her to the city, you can find a new scene where you will learn more about her past. To start this flashback, you need to go to rest to the Dorm.

The New Game + system has been updated and new achievements have been added to help you track your progress. Including a new special achievement in honor of 3.0 build – it will last only one week.

Translations into Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese (traditional and simplified) have been updated. Thanks to all these guys and girls who help me with this, you are the best.

Continuation of the storyline with Ruby
New Game + System Update
New achievements
Game optimization
Updated translations into Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese (traditional and simplified) languages

A huge number of quests and storylines
Three large cities to explore
Dozens of lonely girls to interact with
Gradual development of the hero
Multiplayer events
Regular updates with new content

+ Note
This game requires a free account to play. You must be logged into your account to start the game.
The save files are online only which means you cannot cheat or modify them.

Release date: 21 May, 2020
Genre: Adult game, ADV, SLG, RPG, All Sex, 3D, Group sex, Big tits, Anal sex
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Vortex Cannon Entertainment
Platform: Windows / Android
Version: 3.22 + Walkthrough
Size: 1.98 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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