Last Man [version 2.78]

Porn comedy adventure where you play the role of the main character: the only survivor after a crash that killed the entire male population. You are the last man! Thousands of single women will fight for you, and it will be very funny. You have complete freedom of action and an endless choice among individuals of the weaker sex, but be careful and cautious. At you can discover the hunt…
All your decisions and actions during the game will affect future events!

+ Game Features
A huge number of quests and storylines
Three large cities to explore
Dozens of lonely girls to interact with
Gradual development of the hero
Multiplayer events
Regular updates with new content
+ Changelogs
In this build, our hero will be able to start a new quest, after receiving a mysterious e-mail. The message will not be just one, and it will be possible to receive them in any of the events, when our hero use a laptop at home. If you have already completed all the events with Lilu, Kitty and other girls from the video chat, then you can receive emails in the next updates of the game.

Some dialogues with Lilu and texts when our hero using a laptop were also updated . For example, he now expects e-mail not only from his girlfriend Kate.

More sex scenes now is able to rewind. In some of scenes sex meter began to gain faster.

The work of some achievements has been changed. Basically, it affected those who previously received account suspension, and the achievements for them no longer gave bonuses. Some restrictions have been removed.

Fixed minor bugs and crashes. If you find trouble spots, do not forget to report about them through a bugtracker.

Also I remind you that during May you can get additional permanent bonuses to all my games. You can read more about this in my author’s column.

New quest after receiving e-mail
Updating some conversations with Lilu
Updating texts when working with a laptop
More sex scenes got the ability to rewind
Achievements fixes
Fix minor bugs

Today’s build with a lot of updates. Lilu finally got a new event and the end of her quest “Getting to know in online chat.” Dialogues with her were slightly corrected. Also, now her events are no longer tied to overnight stays at home, and if for some reason you have not used a laptop, then the event will not be missed – you can complete it later at any time.

Updated two events with a neighbor of our hero Nastya, at her home. These scenes received a completely new code, and the dialogues were supplemented to better reveal the character of the girl. Sex scenes now can be rewinded.

One of the first sex scenes on the beach with two girls has been updated. This event has been completely reworked, the sequence of events has been changed, new dialogues have been added.

The unloading of unused textures has been improved. This will help those who play on very old and slow computers or phones.

New event with Lilu
End of quest Acquaintance in online chat
Events with Lilu are untied from overnight stays in the house
Updated event with money help for Nastya
Updated event with gun help for Nastya
Dialogues with Nastya are updated
Updated scene with two girls on the beach
More sex scenes got the ability to rewind
Game optimization

Those who managed to get into Alina’s basement and open her computer can continue this quest in this update. It seems Alina knew that something could happen to her, and prepared for it. Our hero will receive an automatic SMS from her with further instructions and secrets.

Also, the event with the first overnight stay at Alina, after meeting her, received an update. Two scenes were combined into one, the dialogues were updated and some bugs were fixed.

Updated translations into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish languages. Thanks to those cool guys and girls who help me in this not easy work.

The Quests List received additional hints to the tasks.

Some scripts have been optimized and minor bugs fixed.

Continuation of the quest Alina’s Secret
Rewritten scene of the first night with Alina
Updated Quests List
Updated translations into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish
Script optimization
Fixed minor bugs

+ Note
This game requires a free account to play. You must be logged into your account to start the game.
The save files are online only which means you cannot cheat or modify them.

Release date: 8 May, 2019
Genre: Adult game, ADV, SLG, RPG, All Sex, 3D, Group sex, Big tits, Anal sex
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Vortex Cannon Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Version: 2.78 + Walkthrough
Tablet: It isn’t required
System requirements: OS: Win XP/Vista/7/8/10 | HDD: 2 GB
Size: 1.78 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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