Last Man [version 3.09]

Porn comedy adventure where you play the role of the main character: the only survivor after a crash that killed the entire male population. You are the last man! Thousands of single women will fight for you, and it will be very funny. You have complete freedom of action and an endless choice among individuals of the weaker sex, but be careful and cautious. At you can discover the hunt…
All your decisions and actions during the game will affect future events!

+ Game Features
A huge number of quests and storylines
Three large cities to explore
Dozens of lonely girls to interact with
Gradual development of the hero
Multiplayer events
Regular updates with new content
+ Changelog
This build has received many updates in key storylines. This affected: the Scientific Center, some nights at Masha’s home, Sawmill, the Hero’s Base. These events received updated code, new actions, and alternative passing options. Similar updates were in some minor quests, – with a treasure map and Nastya’s cousins.

There are a couple of important changes with the sex scenes and the parameters of the hero that we tested with several people from early access. From this morning they are activated for all accounts, and on Friday I will write a separate post in the Author’s column to collect your feedback.

A large portion of the new data has been added to the generated 100% Walkthrough of the game. It creates hints on the fly, depending on your actions. At the time of testing, it can be started by pressing N or by pulling the club icon down if you are playing from mobile devices. If you need similar quest tips, but without spoilers, do not forget to use the Quest List, it is also constantly updated with new details.

The tips about game mechanics were updated, they are shown while loading the save game. Fixed energy costs in some locations. Optimized the use of RAM, mainly, it will help those who play on a slower phones.

Science Center scenes rewritten
Overnight stay at Masha updated
Updated Sawmill
New chunk of data for 100% Walkthrough
Improvements in the quest with a treasure map
Updated notes during game loading
Fixed energy costs in some locations
Game optimization

In this build several large locations has updated. This includes one of the final meetings with Oksana – a date at her house. Several scenes with Vera that were dedicated to the bowling game – they were combined into one big scene. And also, a meeting with Alexa on the way to the PromZone, after which she helps us get into the poker tournament.

In addition to the updated code, these scenes also received some new actions and updated dialogs to better reveal the motives of the characters.

A large portion of the new data received a 100% Walkthrough of the game. I remind you that it will be generated specifically for your actions and will offer all possible options for the development of the plot. You can call it by pressing N, or by pulling the club icon down if you are playing on mobile devices.

More hints have also been added to the game interface. They will appear if you miss some important elements of the game.

Updated the translation system and optimizing the game.

Updated sex meeting with Oksana
Updated date with Vera in bowling
Updated scene with Alex in the car
Updated data for 100% Walkthrough
Translation system update
More hints in the game interface
Game optimization

Today we have updated club and public versions of the game. Some locations from the early access became available to everyone.

There are also something new. The ending of the Dasha’s quest received an alternative version of events. With kidnapings, ransoms and shooting. In general, a more dramatic sequence of events. You will receive a new continuation even if you have already completed the quest with her earlier. And the new ending of the Dasha’s storyline will depend on your actions.

Also you will find updated 8-11 days of the game. Dialogues with Nika and Lilu have been changed, new textures added.

Updated story quest about ecstasy for a nightclub. Masha’s overnight stays, trips to the Laboratory and to the Pink Rhino were redone. Some events were combined into one larger one.

Updated scene with deserters girls from the New Post in the second city. They got new actions and dialogs.

Quest List is also have updated. Added more tips in some tasks. If you will still encounter moments in the game when you don’t know what to do and the Quests List doesn’t help you, then feel free to write about it through the bugtracker.

The generated 100% Walkthrough of the game is also received a new part of data. Let me remind you that you can call it by pressing N, or by pulling the Club icon down, if you are playing on mobile devices. If its screen is blank, then the game so far can not tell you anything, and you can use the previous version of the walkthrough.

Fixed the problem with the output of invalid lines in some scenes. Updated UI code while protecting your Base from other players.

Alternative ending of Dasha’s quest
Updated Masha’s overnight scenes
Updated scene with deserter girls
Updated quests in the Pink Rhino club
Updated 8-11 days of the game
Updated generated 100% walkthrough
Quest List Update
Updated UI code of Base protecting
Fixed problems with displaying invalid lines in some scenes
Game optimization

In this build, an abandoned train station in the second city received some attention. In one of the trips there a new meeting awaits you. A new event can starts in the second half of the game, and does not require any preliminary quests. The adventure begins with the fact that your hero notices someone is watching him.

A new system of generated 100% Walkthrough of the game has been added. It will be created specifically for you, given the current status of quests and show what you can do next, without having to scroll through the text of the entire game. The passage window will open on top of the game, but it will be transparent so that you can continue the game while reading. At the moment, it is filled with data for the first chapters of the game. To call 100% Walkthrough, you can drag the Club icon in the game with your finger (or mouse) down, or by pressing hot-key N.

Some changes to the UI of the game was made, which updated it with some usage tips.

Optimization of some locations was made. Minor bugs fixed.

New event during the trip to the station in North-city
New generated 100% Walkthrough system
Minor UI game changes
Optimization of some locations
Fix minor bugs

Today we have an update of the club and public versions of the game. Some locations and features from early access became available to everyone.

An alternative route has been added for completing the first mission with Julia, when the New Post sends you to eliminate the threat from CARMA. Depending on the parameters of your hero, the girl will react differently to you, and other options for dialogs and events will open in several scenes of your trip with her.

Also, more several old scenes with Vera were updated, which completed the events of the 7th chapter of the game. They were updated with new actions and dialogs, in order to more reveal both the character of Vera and her knowledge about CARMA.

In this build, there are a lot of changes were done in the UI of the game. Some icons were updated, the work with texts was improved, minor bugs were fixed. The Dutch translation received a separate branch with the Belgian version of the language. Other translations also received updates – Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Chinese and Simplified Chinese. These languages (except for Chinese and Korean) got the opportunity to rename the hero, which was added in the last build.

Added new functionality to the interface. If you notice a typo or an error in the translation, you can send your edits for moderation directly from the game in a couple of clicks. This feature will be added to all my games, but so far it is in early testing, and will be gradually activated in waves on the players’ accounts.

An alternative way in the first mission with Julia
Updated events with Vera in Chapter 7
Game UI elements updated
More translations received possible changes to the name of the hero
Updated translations into Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Chinese and Simplified Chinese
Belgian translation added

In this build, the storyline with Ruby, a girl from auto service, received an alternative way. Earlier in this event there were already several options for the development of events, for example, if you immediately respond to her request, or postpone it for later. Now there is an option when you deliberately ignore her request, and later you’ll find out what this lead to.

Another change that you’ve asked for a long time. Now it is possible to specify the name of your character by yourself and in the game everyone will contact you by your name. So you can more deeply roleplay your hero. In this regard, the game will show you the character’s window, where you can set a name and, if you want, redistribute the hero’s abilities points once again. Full support for this function so far is only in English and partially it also works in several other translations. In the next few builds, this will apply to all translations.

Two past scenes also received updates. It is one of the flashbacks with Kate and about work of our hero and, also, the final scene in the CARMA camp. These events received new code and updated dialogs.

A critical bug was fixed that prevented getting to the map after one of the overnights. Fixed a rare problem when there is not enough energy to leave the city on the 21st day. Also, minor corrections were made to some other flashbacks in the game.

In my author’s column you will find a big post about the upcoming updates of the Hero’s Base. If you have your own ideas, it’s time to leave them in the comments.

Alternative walkthrough for quests with Ruby
Added the ability to change the name of the hero
Updated flashback with Kate
Final scene at CARMA camp updated
Fixed a bug with access to the map after one of the nights
Minor fixes in flashbacks

In the new build has added several small scenes that can appear when you will spending the night in a Dorm. They can be both in the evening and in the morning. This will help diversify your game if you are stayed little bit longer with quests in the third city.

Also, some old scenes received the update. Event, where our hero meets Masha first on the road, and then Oksana, and both girls invite him the next day. Some players missed this point, and did not fulfill the promises given to the girls, or one of them, because of which they lost access to some other events with these girls. Now these girls will not be so categorical, and if you have already earned a good reputation with them before, they will be able to forgive you this fail (but it’s better not to deceive the girls ).

Also, updates received a scene with Vera, after she took our hero to a hidden entrance to a secret cave, and a flashback with Kate, about the past of our hero. These events received changes in actions and additional dialogs.

All these three events received a new, more stable code, and the sex scenes in them got the opportunity to rewind.

New events in the Dorm after an overnight stay
Updated scene with Masha and Oksana by the lake
Updated scene with Vera after exploring the cave
Updated flashback with Katya about the hero of the game
More sex scenes got the opportunity to rewind
Game optimization

So we come to the third version of the game. Recently, a lot of work has done for improving the gameplay. So, the selection of locations has ceased to be random, and events are pregenerated depending on your actions. The system of skills has changed. Random books and hidden alpha points have been deleted, and now you create your hero yourself. And, depending on your parameters, girls can react differently, and quests can be taken in a different way.

To make it easier for you to pass the game by different heroes, the “New Game +” system was created. It tracks your progress in the game and for completing quests, events and achievements, activates bonuses on your account. It can be either additional unlocked days and game money, or new mechanics, for example, a chance to get more energy when using canned food.

Of course, a lot of work has done with girls. Many of them received the end of their storylines, and with some the hero had just begun acquaintance. Dozens of old scenes were updated, girls received new actions and dialogs. And so that you do not get confused in the set of storylines, a detailed Quest List has been added, which describes your every step, and tips are given where to move on.

This, of course, is only part of the big work that has been done from version 2.0 to the current one. Do not forget that you can also participate in the development of the game: offer your ideas, write about the problems and bugs found.

In this version, of course, there were some new features as well. Ruby got a continuation of her storyline. After you find her tools, and take her to the city, you can find a new scene where you will learn more about her past. To start this flashback, you need to go to rest to the Dorm.

The New Game + system has been updated and new achievements have been added to help you track your progress. Including a new special achievement in honor of 3.0 build – it will last only one week.

Translations into Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese (traditional and simplified) have been updated. Thanks to all these guys and girls who help me with this, you are the best.

Continuation of the storyline with Ruby
New Game + System Update
New achievements
Game optimization
Updated translations into Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese (traditional and simplified) languages

A huge number of quests and storylines
Three large cities to explore
Dozens of lonely girls to interact with
Gradual development of the hero
Multiplayer events
Regular updates with new content

The game engine has been updated in this build. It affected many parts of the game, expanded support for devices and operating systems. The file structure has also been slightly modified. Unfortunately, in the past, such updates brought with them some bugs. So, if you notice any oddities, do not hesitate to contact for support through a bug tracker.

Some flashbacks with Kate, the girlfriend of our hero, also received updates. New actions were added and dialogs expanded. Oksana also received some new dialogues. This mainly concerns the disclosure of some details about their lives before the epidemic.

Another batch of updates was received the hero’s Base, as well as the font system in some localizations.

New version of the game engine
Changed file structure
Updated several flashbacks with Kate
Updated dialogues with Oksana
Correction of errors on the hero’s Base
Minor bugs fixed

Today we have a continuation of the story quest with the beauty Ruby. The girl who hold the last service station in Leesburg. Earlier, she asked our hero to find her tool box, which is important to her, as the memory of her father. But soon we will find out if everything is really so simple.

Also, some other game systems received their improvements. The Album of the game, with the passed scenes, began to work a little faster. The Quest List received additional hints, and the missed steps in the quests were filled.

The display of some achievements has been fixed. I remind you that the bonuses for the achievement you get begin to work immediately, and they are saved even if you start the game from another place or from the very beginning.

The hero’s Base received another update with corrections. Improved selection of opponents in the multiplayer missions and fixed rare freezes when you entering the location. Soon I will publish a separate post in my author’s column about the new season at hero’s Base and what changes it will bring.

Continuation of the story quest with Ruby
Some improvements in the work of the Album of the game
Updated Quest List
Achievement Corrections
Fixed rare freezes on the Hero Base
Game optimization

Today we have an update for the club and public versions of the game. Some locations from the early access became available to everyone.

With the end of September, the Playmate casino event ended and games with Karen are no longer available. Everyone who previously won will be able to get an additional bonus from the casino. And with this build another final scene with this girl became available, after which she will left the city. Playmate event will become periodic, and you can find out about next start from the news in the PromZone.

Few more scenes after meeting with Julia and at the beginning of the first mission with her received update. This mission from the New Post got some new dialogues and actions.

The hero’s Base received a big update to the code. Old bugs were fixed, and the missions received accurate timers.

The graphic part of the engine was updated. FPS of the game is now locked at 60 frames instead of 30, and forced v-sync is added. This will improve the smoothness of the animation in the game. Fixed a bug due to which in the macOS version of the game it was impossible to resize the window.

Updated translations into Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese simplified languages. Many thanks to those guys and girls who help me in this difficult task.

The final scene with Karen
Updated part of the first mission with Julia
Updated Hero Base code
Added accurate mission timers
Updated translations into Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Simplified languages
FPS locked at 60 frames
Added frame synchronization
macOS version of the game can resize the window

In this update, the storyline SMS from the girls received a big update. They have a new design, it will be difficult to accidentally miss them, and you will see photos of the girls, so that it is easier to understand who and what they from you. The hero, in turn, can now comment on SMS, for example, giving additional clues what needs to be done next to complete the task. Also, some texts in the story assignments were updated to make them clearer.

Events were updated in the house of the girls who deserted from New Post, and in the abandoned building of the same company. They received some improvements and new comments from our hero. These locations lead to a large story quest with Alina, which was updated a little earlier.

Small improvements received Playmate in a casino. There are only a few days left to play with this girl, after which she will leave and will not be available. Players who participated in all stages of this event will be able to see a small continuation of the story in updates.

The game’s auto-update system was slightly updated. It will contain patches for updates that have been released in the last 3-4 months, so you can update quickly, even if you play quite rarely.

New design of SMS from girls
Updates in quests texts
Events in the house of deserter girls from New Post have been updated
Improving the auto-update system
Fixed minor bugs

In this build you will find a new series of secondary quests (indicated by a blue exclamation mark). They will help you earn extra money and diversify the gameplay. They use a new spawn mechanism. So, if this is a simple short quest, then it will appear quite often. But, if the quest requires some effort to complete, then you will find it again only the next day in real time, so not to bore you too much with repetitions.

The mechanism of regeneration and story quests has also been updated. Now it will try to take into account the current storylines in order to offer you more convenient paths, for example, to reduce the extra trips between cities.

Several scenes have been redone where our hero with Vera goes to the hidden CARMA base in the first city, and then explores it. They were combined into one event, which received new actions and dialogues. And those who have not played for a long time will find hidden scenes about Kate and her friends, which were added in recent updates.

Let me remind you that currently there is a temporary event in the casino going on. 10 000 players took part in the quest for inviting new girl, and at the end of September among all who win game against her will be give away bonus prizes.

Series of new secondary quests
Updated campaign with Vera on the hidden CARMA base
Improved quest pre-generation mechanism
More sex scenes got the opportunity to rewind
Improved game auto-update
Game optimization

In this build, we have a continuation of the storyline with the beauty Tara. If anyone does not remember, this is Naomi’s sister, and by her tip we make our way to the casino to steal staff lists (which will increase our income from the Pink Rhino). Well, today she will ask for a return service. You can also get another girl at your Base.

Two more plot events were updated. This is our first trip to Leesburg, including the road itself, a flashback with Kate, and an exploring mission from Natasha. All these events were combined into one scene. As well as the opening of the Pink Rhino club and sex scenes with Lilu. Here, too, several scenes were combined into one event, new dialogs and actions were added.

A bug from the last build that prevented the Oksana’s event from ending, as well as some problems with the dialogs with Lilu in the video chat, was fixed.

New Event with Tara
New Girl for Hero Base
Updated Pink rhino club opening event
Updated event of the first trip to Leesburg
Fixed the problem with Oksana’s endless event
Fixed a problem with Lilu’s texts
Game optimization

Today we have an update to the public and club version of the game. Some locations from early access became available to everyone.

Last Saturday, the players collected all the necessary amount of virtual money, and the team from the PromZone went for the new girl to the capital. Everyone who participated in the first phase of this multiplayer event will receive memorable achievements and bonuses. And from today the second phase of the event begins – you can get acquainted with the girl and games will start from Monday, which will last until the end of the month.

It is available to everyone, regardless of whether you participated in the first phase or not. And also among all who win at least once in a month, the Casino will play part of the 100 million virtual money collected by the players.

The girl herself plays at an average level, but she can be further weakened by completing additional mini-quests. You will learn about them during the game with her.

Updated translation into Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Korean. Thanks to all the guys and girls who help me in this difficult task, you are the best.

Some changes have been made to the UI games. Improved calculation of percent passing the game. Fixed some problems in the quest list and minor bugs.

A new phase of the multiplayer event in the Casino launched
Updated translation into Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Chinese Simplified, Korean
Some changes in UI games
Corrections in the Quest List
Improved of game completion calculation
Minor bugs fixed
Update public version of the game

As usual, the last build of the month is dedicated to bug fixes and scene improvements.

Updated the scene of meeting with Alexa in the casino. This is the girl who will start the Poker Tournament event. She received new code and additional dialogs.

Updated scene of a trip with Vera to North-City. She will tell you more about her captivity in New Post, and you can ask additional questions.

A big update was received by one of the late events with Oksana, with a sex dinner. Several scenes were merged into one, the order of actions and dialogs was changed.

The first flashback with Kate in a car and a trip to the Scientific Center on assignment from New Post received minor improvements.

A new hint system for beginners has appeared. It will gradually teach about hunger, inventory, unlocking days, and so on.

The first two chapters get some new textures and sound effects. In the first day, the animation of Nastya was fixed.

Multiplayer event at the Casino will now be available only from the 35th gaming day. In total, players have already collected almost 80 million of virtual currency. So hurry if you want to get a memorable achievement. I think the collection will be over in the coming days.

Fixed a bug due to which some players did not get overnight events in a Dorm. Also, a small correction was made to the system for skipping sex scenes and the description of unlocking cells in a bank.

Some minor changes to the UI games.

Updated acquaintance with Alex at the casino
Updated scene on the road to North-city with Vera
Oksana’s sex dinner scenes updated
Updated the first flashback with Katya
Updated trip to the Lab on the New Post mission
Extra textures in the first three days
Newbie hint system added
Playmate is now available from day 35
Fixed a bug due to which overnights events did not start at the Dorm
Updates in UI
Updated description to breaking cells in a bank
Minor fix for skipping sex scenes feature
More sex scenes got the opportunity to rewind
Correction to the unlocked days note
Fixed animation with Nastya in the first day

A new casino event has appeared in this build. The bosses of this institution decided that it would be nice for the image to bring some star from the capital. But in the world after the epidemic, there are difficulties with transport, security, and sure a guest will want to pay for her services, so this will require a huge amount of money.

The casino will offer all of its VIP guests (i.e., us – players) to invest in, and in return to play out part of the profit. Everyone can participate in this multiplayer event. And the first 10 000 people who make a deposit will receive a memorable achievement. After we collect this virtual amount with the entire game server, the new girl will be available for one month, until the end of September.

The game received a new launcher. Now it will be able to display important information, such as technical works, or just the news of my other games. Also, in case of errors, directly from it you can go to the website with options for solving problems.

Some important events in the game have been redone. The series of scenes leading to getting acquainted with Julia and the beginning of the mission with her. The scene of acquaintance with Vera, who was originally a captive of the New Post. And also Masha’s sex party, where she offers to play Dare to Play 3. These scenes received updated code, extended dialogs, and some bugs were fixed.

The work with fonts has been changed. Please tell me if you notice that your language does not display any characters.

The game was optimized to use less memory.

New multiplayer casino event
Updated game launcher
Updated sex party with Masha
Events leading to acquaintance with Julia have been updated
Updated Vera’s first scene
Improved font handling
Game optimizatio

In this build, a dozen repeated quests have been added (marked with a blue exclamation mark), which will help you earn money or just diversify the passage of the game. All this quests are scattered in all cities and will periodically come across to you during the game.

The saves system was updated. It received the same functionality as in the latest Red Pill build, and now allows to save much more information about your actions on locations. This will allow me to do more complex events, girls will remember your choice in the dialogs in more detail, and you can return to locations to finish what you missed earlier.

Random events that you come across when visiting different locations have already been updated under the new system, and now they are completely independent of each other. So you should not have more problems finding those events that you missed earlier.

And the camera at the Hut, on the contrary, is not always available now – this was not intended. The chance of its appearance was reduced to 35%.

The club menu has also been slightly updated and some minor changes have been made to the UI games.

New recurring quests in all cities
Improved system for saving location parameters
Fixed note on the number of unlocked days
Changed the work of random events
Lowered chance of camera spawn in the hut
Improving the game localization system
Club menu update

A huge number of quests and storylines
Three large cities to explore
Dozens of lonely girls to interact with
Gradual development of the hero
Multiplayer events
Regular updates with new content


Today we have updated club and public versions of the game. Some locations and events become available to everyone.

The continuation of the Ruby’s quest in the third city has become available. At her request, we will be able to go to the Camp in the north. We still have to find out why they left it and where all the people went. This location also has a hidden branch for those who play attentively.

The scene at Nika’s apartment was completely rewritten, after she had been visited by unknown. An event with a safe received a new riddle and support for a new skill system. Now the hero will be able to give you a hint or solve it completely himself, depending on the number of Intellect points. Of course, you can do it yourself, in the old fashioned way.

The same update received a scene in the Alina’s basement. The riddle has left old, but the procedure for entering a response on the computer has been updated. A passage to the basement can now be unlocked by using the strenght of the hero, instead of crowbar. Several overnight stays at Alina’s home were updated. The girl received new actions and additional dialogues. She is now more clearly points to alternative ways of passing her storyline.

Updated some scenes with Natasha at the New Post, related to the opening of the hero’s Base. Rewards and dialogues have been expanded and take into account your actions in other quests for this girl.

The hearts showing the number of action points have been replaced by the Energy parameter. The UI has been updated, and now it shows how much energy you have left and how much was at the beginning of the day. I remind you that the amount of energy depends on your hero level and Endurance, which you have chosen by yourself. Also, a note of the number of unlocked days will now be displayed much less frequently.

Minor changes were made to locations with roadblocks in the first city and to the event with girls who was taking pictures of each other.

Updated translations into Spanish, Italian, Polish, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese and Turkish. Thanks to those guys and girls who help me in this difficult task.

Continuation of the quest Ruby in the camp
Hearts replaced with Energy and updated UI
Rewritten the scene in the apartment of Nika before escaping from the city
Rewritten scene in Alina’s basement
Updated overnight stay at Alina
Updated New Post events with Base quests
The scene with the photographed girls is updated
The note about the days now rarely appears
Updated locations of roadblocks in the first city
Updated translations into Spanish, Italian, Polish, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish

In this build there are a lot of fixes and updates for key events, so I advise everyone to update game.

The first three events at the Science Center were completely rewritten. The riddle with the code now supports the new skill system. If you have at least few points in intelligence, the hero will be able to give you a hint, with maximum intelligence – he will solve it himself. Of course, you can solve it completely yourself, in the old fashioned way. The interface now shows which code you are typing. Were fixed some bugs on the location, which were there since the beginning of the game

Also, the scene of acquaintance with the employees of CARMA in their camp recieved support of the new skill system, and the girls themselves received updated dialogues.

Completely rewritten code for overnight with Oksana after the repair of the washing machine and with Alina after the quest with the sawmill. The order of events was slightly changed, the dialogues were updated. Their sex scenes got the opportunity to rewind. Fixed a bug with food at girls houses.

The sawmill also now supports the new skill system. The more strenght your hero has, the greater the chance that he will not consume action points. This will help make more money. Also, the interface now shows how much firewood you have already collected.

Also, the first events in the hidden cave, in the Casino before escaping from the city, the scene of acquaintance with Marina in a Dprm and the police station received their updates. These events received a new code, small changes in events and new comments from our hero.

Fixed a couple of critical bugs from the last build: a problem with languages with hieroglyphs and the distribution of character points in the first days of the game.

Reworked the first three events of the Science Center
Updated location with a sawmill
Updated the first event in a hidden cave
Updated casino event before escaping from the city
Updated first scene with Marina in the Dorm
Updated event of acquaintance with employees of CARMA in their camp
Updated overnight at Oksana after washing machine repair
Updated overnight at Alina after the quest with the sawmill
Police station updated
More sex scenes support rewind
Fixed a problem with languages that have hieroglyphs
Fixed distribution of character points in the first days

From this build, the new character settings system has become available on all accounts. Old skills such as repair, breaking, etc., as well as alpha points have been removed from the game.

I’ll tell you a little about the new system. Now our character will have 5 parameters: strength, agility, intelligence, endurance and charisma. You will be able to distribute character points between these parameters, in the proportion as you imagine your hero. For example, it can be a strong and handsome, clever nerd, or just average guy in all. And all events in the game will now be built around this choice.

Here are just a few examples from the game:

In the quest, where we are trying to get into the basement of Alina’s burned house, the strong hero can just push the door harder, and the weak have to go looking for crowbar.
Breaking into safe-deposit boxes in the bank will depend on your agility skill – the higher it is, the greater the chance of lockpick. You will also need agility if you try to pull the blanket off the sleeping girl without waking her up.
But the IT girl Lisa loves only nerds, and will not sleep with you even if you are the last strongman on the planet, but you do not reach her IQ level. Intellect will also help in hacking computers, or even automatically solve puzzles that you could not.
Endurance will add you an extra amount of action points every day, more power for quests and entertainment with girls.
Charisma, of course, will help in communication, help with getting better rewards, or better discounts, or even trite to persuade a girl to have sex.

The full list includes dozens of locations where alpha points and skills were used before – they were converted to a new system. Gradually, there will be even more changes in future updates. This also applies to new options for completing quests and extended dialogues, depending on the parameters of the hero.

Points will be distributed at the end of the introductory chapter, after the events of the third day of the game. If you have already started the game and have gone further, the character window will appear after the gamesave is loaded. Starting the game from the beginning is not necessary. All past events will remain completed.

If you decide to go through the game in different ways, creating different characters, then do not forget that you always have help from the “new game +” system, and some of the bonuses from the past passage will go to your new hero.

In this build a new event with Kitty was added. This is the girl with whom our hero communicates at home in video chat. We will learn a little more about her city and the problems she has encountered. This scene supports the new hero’s skill system, and you will see additional options in the dialog if it is already active in your account. I also remind you that during the events with the girls in the video chat you have the opportunity to continue another quest with pieces of the map in the email.

A big change in the save system. If you have turned on gamesaves after each event or you play on hard mode, then the check points on the map will be available from the 11th day of the game, and not from the 21st. On this day our hero leaves Nika and move to his new apartment. If you set it to “once a day”, then everything will remain as before. If you notice any problems with the new saves, fill out the form in the bug tracker.

Were removed all the requirements for alpha points in the first three days of the game. The points will continue to accrue as usual.

Improved unloading of unused textures. Also fixed some minor bugs.

New event with Kitty in video chat
New save points from the 12th day of the game
Removed the requirements with alpha points in the first three days of the game
Improved texture unloading
Fixed minor bugs

Today we have updated club and public versions of the game. Some locations from early access became available to everyone.

Added continuation of a large final quest with Vera. Finally we will get to the purpose of the trip, maybe even find out a little more about what happened to the world. Also additional hidden events were added to this trip, with different passing options.

Also some more events with Alina were updated. They received a new code and dialogues, which should better reveal the character and motives of the girl.

Updated translations into Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, and Turkish. Thanks to all those guys and girls who help me in this not easy task. Also updated the localization system itself. The code has been optimized, and should cause less problems in case of possible errors.

Added support for the new stat system for our hero, about which I was written in my author column. While it remains in testing and will be launched in waves for random accounts.

Some minor bugs with the hero’s base and the skip button for sex scenes were fixed.

Continuation of the quest with Vera
Added alternative options for completing the quest with Vera
Updated some events with Alina
Updated translations to Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish
Updates in the localization system
Fixed a bug in rewinding the sex scene with Oksana
Fixed minor bugs in the work of the Hero Base
Added support for new hero stat system

In this build you will find the continuation of the Vera’s final quest. The girl who promised to tell us something important about CARMA. New events with her will be possible to do in different ways when they are ready.

Oksana also received some love. Were updated two nights with her, as well as a meeting with her in the park for a run. These scenes received enhanced dialogs and improved code. Evening and morning scenes were united in one event, and sex scenes now are able to rewind.

Several new achievements have been activated. I remind you that the process of their execution and the bonuses they give will be tied to your account and will not be reset even if you start the game from the beginning.

Also some minor bugs were fixed.

Continuation of the final quest with Vera
Updated two scenes with overnight stays at Oksana
Rewritten scene of meeting with Oksana on her training
Activated several new achievements
Fixed a rare login problem
Fixed minor bugs

In this build we will be able to continue the quest for Vera, having left the city. Also minor corrections were made in the previous scene with the start of the quest.

The problems in the video chat with Agatha, which could lead to a dead end, were fixed.

Updated translation of the game into German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish. Thanks to all guys and girls who help me in this not easy task.

Fixed minor bugs.

Continuation of the quest with Vera
Minor fixes in the Vera’s quest
Fixed dialogue with Agatha in video chat
Updated translation into German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish
Fix minor bugs

Today we have updated club and public versions of the game. Some events and locations from early access have become available to everyone. In addition, versions for Android and macOS are now also available in public versions.

Also, today we have a continuation of the quest line with Vera. A girl who has been in captivity at the New Post, and at work with their rivals – CARMA. She says that she has important information, let’s see where it takes us.

Some past events also got a big updates. The first meeting with Oksana and the first night at Masha’s were rewritten. They received an improved order of action and updated dialogues. The sex-surprise from Oksana was renewed, in one of the overnight stays with her.

The gamesaves menu has been improved. UI and backgrounds has changed a little. Now you can start a Hard mode from the beginning, when you want it.

More sex scenes now able to rewind. Fixed minor bugs.

Continuation of the quest line with Vera
Updated first meeting with Oksana
Updated first night at Masha
Updated overnight with Oksana with a surprise
Improved gamesaves menu
Hard game mode can now start from scratch
More sex scenes got the ability to rewind
Public Android and macOS versions of the game
Minor bugs fixed

Updated date with Dasha in WC
Updated date with Dasha-schoolgirl
Updated date with Masha in the park
More sex scenes got the ability to rewind
Fixed minor bugs

Today we have two scenes with beauty Kitty. As she promised, she decided to arrange a small show for our hero. Let’s see what came of it. Also do not forget that during events using a laptop, you can start a new quest by receiving e-mails with a map.

There have been some changes with the selection of quests from Diana. They should come across more often if you have a break between other quests. But, as before, you can postpone them for later. The game will offer missed event again a little later.

The chances of winning the Poker Tournament have been slightly updated. It has to become a little easier while I am preparing a major update for it.

The mechanism for unloading unused textures has been updated and some minor bugs have been fixed. Improved game auto-update system.

This is the last week when you can get additional permanent May bonuses to all my games. You can read more about this in my author’s column.

Two new events with Kitty
Improved selection of quests with Diana
New setting the odds of winning in a poker tournament
Improvements in the auto-update system
Improved unloading of unused textures
Fix minor bugs

In this build, our hero will be able to start a new quest, after receiving a mysterious e-mail. The message will not be just one, and it will be possible to receive them in any of the events, when our hero use a laptop at home. If you have already completed all the events with Lilu, Kitty and other girls from the video chat, then you can receive emails in the next updates of the game.

Some dialogues with Lilu and texts when our hero using a laptop were also updated . For example, he now expects e-mail not only from his girlfriend Kate.

More sex scenes now is able to rewind. In some of scenes sex meter began to gain faster.

The work of some achievements has been changed. Basically, it affected those who previously received account suspension, and the achievements for them no longer gave bonuses. Some restrictions have been removed.

Fixed minor bugs and crashes. If you find trouble spots, do not forget to report about them through a bugtracker.

Also I remind you that during May you can get additional permanent bonuses to all my games. You can read more about this in my author’s column.

New quest after receiving e-mail
Updating some conversations with Lilu
Updating texts when working with a laptop
More sex scenes got the ability to rewind
Achievements fixes
Fix minor bugs

Today’s build with a lot of updates. Lilu finally got a new event and the end of her quest “Getting to know in online chat.” Dialogues with her were slightly corrected. Also, now her events are no longer tied to overnight stays at home, and if for some reason you have not used a laptop, then the event will not be missed – you can complete it later at any time.

Updated two events with a neighbor of our hero Nastya, at her home. These scenes received a completely new code, and the dialogues were supplemented to better reveal the character of the girl. Sex scenes now can be rewinded.

One of the first sex scenes on the beach with two girls has been updated. This event has been completely reworked, the sequence of events has been changed, new dialogues have been added.

The unloading of unused textures has been improved. This will help those who play on very old and slow computers or phones.

New event with Lilu
End of quest Acquaintance in online chat
Events with Lilu are untied from overnight stays in the house
Updated event with money help for Nastya
Updated event with gun help for Nastya
Dialogues with Nastya are updated
Updated scene with two girls on the beach
More sex scenes got the ability to rewind
Game optimization

Those who managed to get into Alina’s basement and open her computer can continue this quest in this update. It seems Alina knew that something could happen to her, and prepared for it. Our hero will receive an automatic SMS from her with further instructions and secrets.

Also, the event with the first overnight stay at Alina, after meeting her, received an update. Two scenes were combined into one, the dialogues were updated and some bugs were fixed.

Updated translations into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish languages. Thanks to those cool guys and girls who help me in this not easy work.

The Quests List received additional hints to the tasks.

Some scripts have been optimized and minor bugs fixed.

Continuation of the quest Alina’s Secret
Rewritten scene of the first night with Alina
Updated Quests List
Updated translations into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish
Script optimization
Fixed minor bugs

+ Note
This game requires a free account to play. You must be logged into your account to start the game.
The save files are online only which means you cannot cheat or modify them.

Release date: 12 February, 2020
Genre: Adult game, ADV, SLG, RPG, All Sex, 3D, Group sex, Big tits, Anal sex
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Vortex Cannon Entertainment
Platform: Windows / Android
Version: 3.09 + Walkthrough
Size: 1.94 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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