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FemLife [version 0.95]

The game FemLife will be able to lead the way of life that you want. You`ll can be a good girl, get married. You`ll can make a career in any profession.
Or do you want to find a rich husband? However, there will be other opportunities… There will be an opportunity to lead a depraved lifestyle. Prostitution, porn movies, hundreds of sexual partners, alcohol, drugs etc. The choice is yours!​

+ Changelog
Changelog v0.93:
– Casual sex in a restaurant. Violetta should sit down at a table and order something.
To trigger an event, the following conditions must be met:
1)Violetta must become a depraved woman.
2)Violetta should not be in her fifth month of pregnancy.
3)Violetta should be without underwear.
4)Violetta must wear a dress or skirt.

– New bukkake scene in pornostudio. To launch, Violetta must star in all the previous scenes.
– A sex scene with the boss of the restaurant. To launch event, Violetta shouldn’t be pregnant, Violetta should wear a sexy girl outfit + stockings or a secretary’s costume or a school girl’s costume

Changelog v0.92:
– Sex in the elevator. The event happens when Violetta goes home. Violetta must look sexy. The event appears randomly.
– A couple of events that happen randomly when Violetta walks in the park.
– An event with an onanist in the park. Appears randomly when Violetta is sitting on a bench in the park. Violetta must look sexy.
– A task for personal growth training. It`s a naked walk in a public place.

Changelog v0.91:
– The main storyline has been added.
It is necessary to start a new game!
Working as a prostitute and a porn studio are not available at the beginning of the game. This will become available during the passage of the main storyline.

Changelog v0.12:
– Sex in the toilet of a nightclub has been redone.
– Now Violetta can infect men with syphilis.
– In the fifth month of pregnancy, a pregnant belly appears.

Changelog v0.11:
– With the alternative execution of the quest “Easy Work”, Violetta can regularly meet and have sex with Igor Petrovich. For this, Violetta will receive financial assistance from the old man.
– Oleg`s storyline has been continued. In case of successful completion of the quest “Easy Work”, Oleg will periodically invite Violetta on a date. After their third meeting, another event will be launched. To launch it, Niko’s storyline must be fully completed. In addition, Violetta should have a red evening dress in her wardrobe.
– Added a scene at a porn studio (throat fucking).

– Added the “Easy Job” quest. To start the quest, you need to call Albert after Violetta has been in the role of a victim in the Meat Hole club.

Depending on the choice of your actions, scenes are available during this quest:

– Sex with a new character named Igor Petrovich(Anal or vaginal, rough or normal sex).
– Sex with a thug.
– Lesbian sex with Paulina.
– Other scenes and consequences of your choices.

v0.8.2 Fixed
– A luxury clinic for VIP clients has been built. It is located in a cottage village. Violetta can work there. This requires a nurse’s skill of at least 30. You can enroll in nursing courses at a hospital in the Northern District or just use a cheat.
– Removed the pink background when Violetta walks/sits in the park.
– Removed the pink background in the “Face” menu.
– Removed the pink background in the wardrobe.
– Removed the pink background in the bathroom.
– Removed the pink background when Violetta drinks/eats in a cafe.
– Removed the pink background when Violetta is watching TV.
– Removed the pink background when Violetta reads books in a cafe.

Due to global changes and additions, old saves do not work in this version. IT IS NECESSARY TO START A NEW GAME! I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

– The interface has been slightly redesigned.
– The inventory has been redesigned.
– The scenes of masturbation with a double dildo are slightly changed. Added animation.
– Sex scenes when working as a prostitute on the street have been redone. Added animation.
– Sex scenes when working as a prostitute on the highway have been redone. Added animation.
– Added some animation to home sex with Andrey in FemLife.
– Added a little animation to the first and second (anal) Olesya`s porn casting.
– Added a couple of animations to the scenes of “Olesya in Gloryhole”.
– Added some animation to the scenes of Violetta and Olesya in the basement(sex with strapon).
– Added a couple of animations in Violetta’s porn casting scene.
– Added some animation to the handjob scene at the porn studio.
– Added animation to the POV 1 scene at the porn studio.
– Added some animation to the scenes of rough sex at the porn studio.
– Micromanagement has been temporarily removed: brushing teeth, washing and drying hair, shaving, pooping, wiping ass, vomit stench, manicure\pedicure.
– Tampons and sanitary pads have been temporarily removed.
– Acne has been temporarily removed.
– Customization is temporarily disabled: Hair color change, makeup, perfume and other bullshit. Temporarily deleted all stockings except black.

Changelog v0.7.1:

– Added a show at the Meat Hole club. After going to the beach with Paulina come to the restaurant and sit down at a table. The event will begin.

– Added sex with Paulina’s sugar daddy in FemLife.

– Added a second show in the club.

– Violetta will be able to become a victim in the club.
(Read the guide in Storylines – Paulina, Albert.)

Changelog v0.7:
Saves from version 0.5 are incompatible. Saves from version 0.6 work fine.

– Added automatic use of perfumes.

– Added AUTO Makeup.

– The fucking shower gel has been removed from the game. It is enough to buy razors for shaving.

– The sperm on the face now dries up not in a day, but in about an hour.

– Added cheats: “Instant cure of syphilis”, “Remove sperm from face”, “No need to shave”, “No need to take a shower”. I haven’t tested it, but I’m sure everything is working fine.

– Olesya`s storyline has been continued:

1)Lesbian games
2)Olesya in Glory hole
3)You can buy new clothes for Olesya. After buying clothes, new events with Olesya will become available.
4)You can go to a nightclub with her.
5)You can offer Olesya to work as a prostitute on the highway.
6)You can arrange a meeting with Vitaly.
All the details are described in the guide on the storyline of Olesya.

– Added a couple of scenes with Sveta Sunduchkova (They appear during lesbian games with Olesya).

– Added a scene at a porn studio (Porn competition).

– Now Niko does not dismiss Violetta.

Changelog v0.6:
Attention!!! It is necessary to start a new game! If you use old saves in this version, the porn studio and guides will not work!

– The storyline of Niko is continued in FemLife.

– The storyline of Katka(pornstar) is continued.

– The storyline of Olesya(hairmaker) is continued.

– After buying a laptop, you can watch Katka`s porn scenes.

– The work at the porn studio has been redone. Now you can participate in each porn scene only once. At the same time, you can open your laptop at any time and watch all the filmed porn scenes.

– Added a guide to the storylines of the characters. In order for it to appear.

– Added sportswear.

– Added schoolgirl clothes (sex shop).

– Added secretary`s clothes (sex shop).

– Added a weapon shop. It is located in the city center. Now you can buy there: a traumatic pistol, a gas canister.
– Added a scene of sex with homeless people. To start, you need to engage in prostitution through a laptop.
– Added a scene with Polina (sex on the beach). To start, you need to call Pauline after going to the club.

– Sex at the disco in the recreation center. To start, you need to dance.
– Added a collection of swimwear (Severny hypermarket).
– Added nudist beach.
– Added beach events. Currently there are 5 mini-events available. To start, you need to walk around the neighborhood.
– Added a nude beach event. To start, you need to walk around the nudist beach area.

– Added content with pregnancy (there is a cheat for instant pregnancy).
– Semen stains on clothes and stockings.
– Fixed some identified bugs in FemLife.

Added another opportunity to work as a prostitute without a pimp. To do this, you need to buy a notebook and pay for the Internet.
At the moment, offers are available:
Gangbang MMMF(Appears randomly)
Gold Rain
Facial cumshot
Blowjob without a condom
Anal sex + Vaginal sex
Cunnilingus + Vaginal Sex
Blowjob + Bwc
Classic sex(Vaginal sex + Blowjob)
Double penetration
Lesbian sex. Active lesbian + passive lesbian(randomly).
Female cuckold)

— Added a job as a prostitute in GloryHole.
— Added events with Ilya. After getting acquainted with the company Olesya, you need to work as a prostitute on the street. After Ilya finds you engaged in prostitution, you will need to call him, he will invite you to his dorm for a conversation. Then he will periodically call and invite you to visit.
— If you have collected enough dirt on the Ant, it can be blackmailed. You can extort money from him every day, or ask him to settle the problem with Ilya.
— In a fashion agency, you can do escort work. Requirements: high sexual skills, high intelligence. In the beginning, you will need to pass a sex test. At the moment, there is an «Intimate Dinner» scene.
— Added «Book Cafe». You can read books and develop your intelligence.
— You can meet a rich man in the restaurant.
— Added an intelligence cheat in FemLife.

— Added a hangover. You can endure it or drink alcohol.
— Added courses for hairdressers (DK T. Shevchenko)
— Added a job as a hairdresser:
— Hair salon in the Residential sector(required skill 25)
— Beauty salon in the Northern District(required skill 75)
— Added NPC in FemLife:
— Olesya, a work colleague at the hair salon (on the third day of work, offer to drink beer, after that, in the Residential sector, after 17:00, the icon of her friends appears.)
— Dima, Olesya’s boyfriend (no events yet)
— Sveta, Olesya’s friend (no events yet)
— Ilya, a guy from their company (no events yet)
— Kolya, a guy from their company (there are several events)
— Added the «Basement» location. The key to the basement can be stolen from Kolyan (Ant).
— Added the «Garbage Dump» location. Here, Violetta can collect empty cans or have a meal. There is an event with a bum.
— Hypnotherapy sessions have been added to the psychiatric hospital. You can completely get rid of squeamishness and choose the level of depravity.
— In the center of the Factory district, a hair salon has been added, which can be rented and receive a daily income.
— In the pharmacy in the Residential sector you can buy medical alcohol.
— In a pawnshop, you can now sell not only jewelry, but also personal items(including clothing).
— You can collect mushrooms in the forest. You can sell them on the highway or eat them yourself.
— Added a point for receiving empty cans(the center of the Factory district).
— «Druzhba» cheese was delivered to grocery stores.
— Added the location «Emergency House» (the center of the Factory district). You can live there… There is an event with local homeless people.
— Violetta may become an alcoholic. She will be tormented by a long withdrawal syndrome, the body will constantly ask for a dose of alcohol. Violetta wouldn’t get a decent job, no decent man would want to fuck a drunk. However, she will still be able to fuck with friends-alcoholics and bums, collect cans, feed from the garbage, buy medical alcohol.
Violetta will be able to seek help from a narcologist in a mental hospital.
— Added a company of drunks(Factory district). After getting acquainted and drinking together, Violetta will be able to spend the night with each of them. At the moment, there are a couple of events.
— Added a scene at a porn studio. Glory Hole in FemLife.

– If the level of a porn actress reaches 50, people in the city will recognize you.
– Added the “Cowgirl” video seminar to the laptop.
– Before shooting in porn, the main character is tested for sexually transmitted infections.
– Added work in the porn industry. Scenes:
Anal fisting
Rough sex
Bukkake 1(cum swallowing)
Bukkake 2(cum drinking)
Bukkake 3(multiple facial cumshots)

– One scene (at the moment) of prostitution in a restaurant. This happens randomly. To do this, you need to look like a prostitute (Sexy girl outfit + stockings), sit at a table, eat and drink wine.
– Violetta doesn`t have her own apartment. She can rent an apartment. If Violetta didn`t have the money, she could pay the rent in another way…
– Added the need to wash your hair from time to time. It is possible to buy a hair dryer and dry your hair with it.
– Added the need to shave armpits.
– The added sensitivity of tits
– Added the ability to do pedicures in FemLife.
– Reduced the requirement of depravity level for prostitution and filming in porn.
– Fixed bugs from previous versions that my patron Karol Smolinski found. Many thanks to him for his help!

Build 0.3.7:
– Sperm on her face. Now the main heroine can stay with sperm on her face.
– Added set of underwear and stockings.
– At the beginning of the game, the main character’s face is covered with pimples. You can get rid of them in a beauty salon(Northern district) or with sex(this will happen after several times). Or you can use acne cream.
– Fixed bugs that I found during testing in FemLife.

– Other sex scenes with Andrey in FemLife. Handjob(need to watch TV together), pussy licking(room, kitchen), anal sex(room, kitchen).

– Relationship with NPC by the name of Andrey. You can meet him sitting on a Park bench(randomly). You need to call him)) After a few dates(one date a day), he can be invited to cohabit. Andrey can move into your apartment. Available sexual content: sex on dates, if Andrey lives in your apartment-sex in the room, sex in the kitchen, sex in the bathroom. I will continue to develop many aspects of relationship with him.

Build 0.3.5 Plus:
– New location. Relaxing massage parlor. You can get a job there. In addition to massage, you can fulfill additional client`s wishes for an extra fee. (It is located in “1st North lane”)

Build 0.3.5:
– Prostitution on the highway(13th km). Added events: Tits slapping and orgasm from a vibrator(Adds masochistic tendencies). I keep working. There will be more events.
– Working as a prostitute on the 13th km, you can bring men to your room in a Motel(5 sex scenes). I keep working. There will be more events.
– BJ for a motel room.
– When shooting porn and erotic massage, you no longer need to click the mouse 75 times.
– Added the intelligence parameter.
– New NPC. Onanist from the next balcony. You need to go out on the balcony twice naked showing your body. Then onanist will approach you in your residential sector, when you will enter your home. After he gives you his phone number, you can call him home and have fun with him.

Release date: 1 May, 2023
Genre: 3dcg, Female Protagonist, Interracial, Vaginal Sex, Sandbox, Prostitution, Drugs, Cheating, NTR, Big Boobs, Big Ass, Beautiful Ass
Censorship: NO
Developer: Mr_saturn
Platform: Windows
Version: 0.95
Language: English
Size: 9.66 GB

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]


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