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Fem Domination [version 1.01 Final]

Fem Domination is an hot 3D porn journey. You arrive outside the temple of the Dominatrixes and feel tempted to go inside. The erotic art and sounds compel you to enter the first room, Orientation. Here the Dominatrixes will take you and fill your mind with arousing images and thoughts to make you their sexual plaything. You then progress to the Chair where binaural beats and a skilled hand will pull you in deeper. In the slave you will be tied down as Diora teases and then rides you. You will then be ready for The Dungeon where you will be seduced into kinky pleasures by Alexa and Diora…

+ Developer Notes:
The four scenes that you will experience in FemDomination all have their own unique style and environment:
1. Orientation: Hypno therapy,
2. The Chair: Your first class of becoming their plaything,
3. The Slave: The final exam of becoming the perfect slave,
4. The Dungeon: Imprisoned and used forever.
Especially the Dungeon scene is made in such way that you can replay it over and over again.
Fem Domination

Release date: 2018
Genre: 3D Game, 2D Supported, BDSM, Blowjob, Female Domination, Male Protagonist, Group Sex, Tits Fucking, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, VR
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Citor3
Platform: Windows
Version: 1.01 Full Game
Language: English
Size: 3.82 GB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

One comment

  1. Game to use with 3D glasses

    quite poor in terms of animation quality and little content
    and consumes a lot of PC resources

    In summary: Bad game

    Within the female domination range there are much better ones like FemCity by Kiriowo, Femdom City M.A.N.T.I.S, by Darktoz or the latest by Dartov The Shadow over Blackmore

    These are the best games I have seen for lovers of the genre

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