Fashion Business

Fashion Business – Episode 2 [version 0.5]

The second episode of the great game, about the bitch Monica. Enjoy…

+ Changelogs
Episode 2 v0.5
This update consists of 1200 new arts and 62 new animation clips and is very hot!
It focused on scenes with Monica and starts just after the last Steve’s visit.
In the update Monica wiill visit Steve’s office, but she needs a proper clothes.
If Monica was kind to people, she can take a discount and get the dress from the clothing store for a low price.
However, she may try to steal it…
After getting the dress Monica will go to Steve…
So, as always, Monica’s faith is in your hands.
Enjoy the game!

Episode 2 v0.31:
Some bugs are fixed.

Episode 2 v0.3:
I’m proud to announce the release of Fashion Business Episode2 v0.3!
The new version contains 1130 new arts and 43 animated video clips.
As always, much attention is paid to the emotions of the characters.
Each H-scene is animated. Animations are of high quality and smooth (30 fps).
In this version, as in previous ones, a lot of efforts, inspiration, and soul.
I hope that you appreciate the game and leave your feedback!

The short changelog:
Big “office storyline” update. Different outfits. Hot scenes, etc.
The advance of relationships of Betty, Fred, and Monica. Hot scenes too.
New location. The pub “Shiny Hole”. Some story and start working.
Added dancing at the pole in the blind alley.
Ability to buy food at the gas station.
Skipping day until evening by pressing the button on the top of the screen (working only in the street locations)
Change clothing before leaving the house by the map.

Chengelog Episode 2 v0.2:
This is one of the most significant updates ever. It consists of about 1400 new renders and several animation clips!
The new version contains great progress in several lines of the plot.
Bardie storyline
Bardie wanted to find an approach to Monica to see her panties, and he could succeed, even more than
Betty storyline
Betty, perhaps, will trust Monica more and offer to visit the fitness.
Monica can’t do training yet, but she can watch on girls how they do it.
Several replayable scenes with several variations are awaiting you there.
Besides, you may discover about the weaknesses of strict Betty. But it depends on your choice.
Dick and Victoria storyline
Monica will advance in the relationship with Victoria. They will become ‘friends’
Office storyline
If Monica suddenly needs money, she can continue to earn it from Biff
She understands what these photo shoots can lead to in the end, so is she ready for this?
Falling path
Delivering flyers is not the easiest way to make money. Maybe Monica will find a way easier? But is she ready for this? Perhaps it’s okay to make a small exception, it’s not for long, right?
Also, you can learn some news about the secretary of Monica

Release date: 19 April, 2019
Genre: 3dcg, big tits, big ass, corruption, pregnancy, vaginal sex, anal sex, titfuck, masturbation, blowjob, interracial, sexual harassment, female protagonist
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: DecentMonkey
Platform: Windows / Linux
Version: Episode 2 v0.5
Tablet: It isn’t required
Language: English / German / Russian
Size: 1.42 GB
Episode 1 is here: Episode 1

Download from [K2s] Download from [RG]

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