Damsels and Dungeons [v1.18.2 Final + v1.2.4 Remastered]

In Damsels and Dragons you play a man who is managing a group of female adventurers – 4 at first, but more as time goes on – forming parties, sending them on adventures, getting them magic items, etc. Over time you will gain the affection of your adventurers, learn to cast spells, and engage in acts of lust and perversion…

+ Cheats
Gold: gold=Y
Mana: mana=Y
Attention: attention=Y

Strength: roster[X].str=Y
Dexterity: roster[X].dex=Y
Constitution: roster[X].con=Y
Intelligence: roster[X].int=Y
Wisdom: none available.
Charisma: not available.
Sexuality: roster[X].sexuality=Y
Hit Points: ???
Spell Points: ???
Experience: roster[X].experience=Y
Affection: roster[X].affection=Y
Lust: roster[X].lust=Y
Alignment: good, bad or somewhere in-between?
Add Trait: roster[X].traits.append(“Trait”)
Remove Trait: roster[X].traits.remove(“Trait”)
Add Fetish: roster[X].fetishes.append(“Fetish”)
Remove Fetish: roster[X].fetishes.remove(“Fetish”)
Name Change: ???
Class Change: ???

X is character slot number (0–whatever); Y is desired amount.
The names of traits & fetishes can be found in-game using the help menu.

+ Changelog
v1.2.4 Remastered
RENDERS: (thx to Shaneride)
Alternative renders for HJ scenes.
Amazon Tanking combat renders.
Arcangel Flying Strike combat renders.
Arcangel Base combat renders.
Arcangel HJ scene.

MAP of the world to select and visualize the adventures location. Also contains informations about the location and some additional tooltips.
Barbarian Leader
Song of Mana for the Bard

Color coded brothel’s log and added a variety of descriptions.
Color coded status visual.
Added the bard’s played song to the combat UI.
Song of Mana icon.
Bandage icon.

Rework of the brothel, it’s now ~x3 more profitable.
Adventurers can serve multiple clients per day based on CON at the brothel.
Monster girls can now work in the brothel.
Significantly reduced the cost of potions.
Druid’s Healing Aura now also instantly heal the party by: 0 => 10% INT
Druid’s Healing Aura SP cost: 2 => 3 SP
Druid’s Mass Entangle SP cost: 3 => 2 SP
Druid’s Healing Aura Regeneration’s heal per turn: 1 => 5% maxHP
Heretic’s Life Drain now always heal the lowest HP member of the party
Buffed Orc Archer’s DEX and added it to more encounters.
Paladin’s Holy Strike now have a bonus against every monster (after the quest), not only undeads.
Barbarian’s Bash now have a guarantee 50% chance to succeed.
The player’s first frontlaner will always be the one starting the combat to avoid weak girls being one shoot without a chance to react.
Bella’s Ring and Erish’s Anklet gives +2 to all stats and +1 armor.
Bard’s Song of Bravery accuracy bonus: 10 => 12
Bard’s Song of Lust dodge bonus: 0 => 12
Bard’s Song of Fear flee threshold: 3 HP => 25% maxHP & 50% chance
Druid’s Bear Form heal: 5+ 25% CON => 5+ 30% CON
Drow’s Healing Word now also cures de-buffs.

Made brothel count in the net income and fixed it’s messy code, basically making it a viable option to earn gold.
Barbarian Hall BJ had no renders.
Barbarian end quest UI.
Giant’s stats where inverted, fixed.
Selecting a monster girl at the circle of Enlil was crashing the game.

Added the Vampire Mistress monster
You can now find Health and Mana Potions while exploring the catacombs.
Additional dialog to indicate that you can recruit a Domina (The Sorceress) if you have enough reputation with them.
Unified Mana check and cost removal for all spells, avoiding unnecessary code.
Training your girls at Orech now gives them some XP.
Auto-Update system, should improve saves compatibility between versions.
Added a link to F95Zone in the main menu.

Monster now do proper mana check before casting spells, selecting another action if they don’t have enough mana.
Monster’s “Heal” spell now properly scales on INT, the caster will choose the target who has lost the most HP.
Monsters will pass their turn less often. Makes combats harder tho-.
Reduced monster’s scaling a bit to compensate for the above.
Made the mana potion blue instead of green.
Modifications to the monster’s generation code, invocations should now have their stats properly set.
Monster’s “Raise” spell can now raise Homunculus.
Monster’s “Bite” heal: 3 => 50% of DMG dealt + 15% lost HP.

Increased Health and Mana Potions’s cost: 20+(days*0.1)*10 => 100+(days*0.1)*20
Sorceress’s “Fire Bolt” DMG: 5+20% INT => 40% INT
Sorceress’s “Fireball” DMG: 40% INT => 25% INT
Sorceress’s “Cone of Cold” DMG: 30% INT => 35% INT
Sorceress’s recruit requirement: 50 relation with dominas => 44 relation with dominas
Sorceress’s recruit cost: 20+(days*2) => 150+(days*2)
Paladin’s “Pray” SP restoration: 1 => 1+10% INT
Harbingers’s “Whirl” Stun chance (after completing her quest): 50% => 69%
“Stunned” target’s dodge chance : 0% => -10%
Girls auto-heal between combats : 1 => 1+10% CON
Health Potion: 20% maxHP => 2+15% maxHP.
Mana Potion: 25% maxSP => 1+20% maxSP.
Orech return trip time : 7days => 5days

Crash while casting Sorceress’s “Fireball” spell.
Crash during Rogue quest 2.
Crash during the Enchantress x Valkyrie event.
Logic issue blocking players from recruiting girls in Orech on special conditions.
Removing a girl from the brothel was blocked by the hardcoded 12 max roster size.
Some images not rescaled properly.

You can ask a girl to return to adventure if she manages a building.
All spells shows their SP cost if they have one.

Pirate’s “Riposte” and Barbarian’s “Bash” now properly show their DMG.
Health Potion: 3 => 20% maxHP.
Mana Potion: 3 => 25% maxSP.
Paladin’s “Lay on Hands” ratio: 33% INT => 40% CON.
Druid’s “Healing Aura” fading chance / turn: 20% => 10%.

Monster girls can be added whatever your roster size.
Hills and BlackForest events are now using max_roster_length variable instead of hardcoded 12.
Issue where in a rare case the school’s code would crash the game.
Issue where the demon (invocation) was considered as a recrutable class by the game.
Disabling monster scaling and pregnancy in options now works as intended.
Xp gain from school won’t trigger under 10xp.
Adjustments to some skill’s descriptions to better fit the UI.


Regeneration outcome to the black forest’s fountain event and removed access conditions.

You can now have concubines/wifes/slaves at 150 affection instead of 200 if Lich King is not defeated.
Buffed Witch Quenn and her loot (Collar of Slavery)
School’s XP gained is now based on the level difference between the girl and your entire roaster.

Mobs now vary their attacks.
Layout issues in Renpy’s preferences menu.
Many typos corrected.
Fixed brothel’s UI
Town screen UI now showing stats after 99.
Fixed 2 more Heretic pics.
Tried to fix build buttons and character’s portraits positions in the town screen.
You can no longer dismiss a manager.
Changed background for the battle of Orech.


Cure spell is now available for Druid and Priestess.
Armor system is working and shown correctly in the UI.
The school will now randomly help lower level girls by having a chance to give them some experience every day.
Finished the background selecting menu in the intro.

Upped the resolution of the game from 720p to 1080p.
Upscaled all the graphics to 1080p.
Fixed some images with clipping/render artefacts (notably the Heretic)
Modernized Settings Menu.

Re-written most of the class descriptions to be more accurate regarding their gameplay.

Basic stats for all classes have been re-balanced. (STR, DEX, INT, CON, MAXHP)
Most of the spells have been reworked to scale on their related stat. (INT for magic, DEX for ranged, STR for melee)
Hitting a target is now less random (for girls and monsters) and based on DEX.
Combat log is now more detailed and stays on screen until the end of the fight.
Armor is now used to reduce damage taken by basic attacks.
Melee attacks have more chance to hit than ranged attacks.
Invoked demons have their stats based on the summoner’s INT.
Monster’s scaling has been re-worked.
Marked targets are now easier to hit.
Fairy Light targets are now easier to hit.
Nimble targets are now harder to hit.

Improved Combat UI to show the expected damage/heal of a spell and their scaling.
Armor is now visible in UI.
Some UI elements have new colors for better readability (ex: SP is now blue, XP is now yellow etc..)
Some UI elements have been moved for better visibility.

Reduced rest time from 7 to 5 days.
Re-worked various XP gains and curves to better fit the new combat system.

You can no longer replace a demon with a demon, causing the game to crash.
De-bugged girl’s manual sorting, UI and upped the girl’s cap to 99.
Corrected many typos.

Damsels and Dungeons 1.18 (Final) Release
This has been an incredible project for me. I began over two years ago, attempting to design this game in PyGame, only to be unable to get it to compile in a way I could share with others. Then I ported the whole thing over to Ren’py. The first version had four characters and two places to adventure, and some very minimal sex options, but it expanded significantly from there.

This version finally does something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, which is have topless and naked versions of the girls for kneeling and kissing. There is no change in gameplay in this version, just a bunch of renders. As has been the tendency lately in my renders, there’s a lot more variation in poses involved there, as well. The original kissing renders were among the first renders in the game, so it’s good to replace them — I’ve improved my technique a lot over the last 2 years.

If I get bug reports or anything of that sort, I’ll continue to support Damsels and release small updates, but it’s been a while since there was a bug report that didn’t involve someone playing an outdated version, so … fingers crossed. 🙂 This is intended to be the final version of Damsels.

I hope you all will stay for the development of Leather and Steel, but if not, it’s been a lovely ride, and thank you very much for your support for Damsels and Dungeons.


New Content:
A significant amount of text has been added to various sexual actions. Many actions will give you different text in different circumstances, and the system is set up for more variation in the future.
Added a scene with Shamira involving the Masocishm fetish.

Damsels and Dungeons UI Improvements:
Many text buttons have been replaced with something graphically more attractive, with tool tips. The old tutorial text has, in most cases, been replaced by the tool tips, which will be available throughout the game.
You now click a button to send the girls on a mission, rather than them automatically going when the mission is full.
When a girl is speaking, her name will be listed as the speaker.
In addition to Gold, Mana, and remaining Attention, the information that appears when interacting with girls for sexy times now includes how many girls have yet to be checked for whether they want sexy times or not, allowing you to make more informed decisions about how to spend your attention.

Bug Fixes:
If you exit the mission screen after assigning some girls to a mission, but not enough, the game now removes them from the mission, rather than leaving them on with the date to complete the mission not set.

Functionality Changes:
Blowjobs and Handjobs use less attention, as does Kissing. Many actions, however, can be segued into from other actions — kissing can lead to making out, which can lead to a blow job, with cumulative attention costs.
Because most of the “lesser” actions can be gotten to by starting with kissing, the “take it easier” menu no longer exists.
Sex now gives a greater amount of affection. It was nerfed in an earlier version, and this puts it at somewhere between the original amount and the nerfed version.
Many sex actions give slightly different rewards or give those rewards under slightly different conditions, or they cost different attention in different circumstances.
There is now a chance of pregnancy for Amazons, Paladins, and Barbarians having foursomes.
It is no longer possible to get a duplicate character in the Hills by defeating the Reaver Camp, nor is it possible to get a character of the class of one of the 4 existing scripted characters.
The degree by which monsters get more difficult over time has been reduced, with lower caps on how much stronger they can get.
Monster experience and gold now scales up with the monsters getting harder.

Damsels and Dungeons v1.13
This one is short, because 1.13 is mostly new content and each entry covers a fair amount of stuff. Bugs were mostly handled in 1.12.1.
New Content:
Hilda is now a scripted character, with several unique events related to her, including one which involves an interaction with Amora. If you recruited a valkyrie in 1.12 or later, it should already be named Hilda and will have all the scripted options available.
Khoraja, the sorceress, is now a scripted character, with a few unique events related to her, one of which involves an interaction with Felicity. You can recruit her at the Domina Chateau.
Rogues recruited in 1.13 will be a scripted character, “Shamira.” There are no scenes for her yet, but that will be coming in a future release
To have access to these characters, you must not have a character of their class in your roster.

Release date: 29 December, 2023
Genre: 2DCG, Oral sex, Romance, Seduction, Male protagonist, Vaginal sex, Combat, Cosplay, Fantasy, RPG, Adventure, Group sex, Handjob, Harem, Pregnancy
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Amaraine
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: 1.18.2 Final Release + Harem Mod + v1.2.4 Remastered
Language: English + Italian patch
Size: 842 MB + 354 MB

Download from [K2S] Download from [RG]

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